All Subject Webinars now available!

(added May 14, 2021)

The final set of subject webinars are now posted. That completes the set for Mathematical Modelling and Financial Literacy so they, along with Fractions and Coding, each have a webinar for each of the Primary, Junior and Intermediate divisions.

More Recordings available

(added May 6, 2021)

Another round of webinar recordings are now available for viewing. Recently uploaded are the Mathematical Modelling in the Junior Grades, Financial Literacy in the Primary Grades, and Fractions in the Junior as well as Intermediate Grades.

Another Round of Webinars and Recordings!

(added April 16, 2021)

The first set of Fractions Webinars (for Primary grades) and Mathematical Modelling (for Intermediate grades) is now over. The recording of the premieres of those webinars is now available in the Webinars section of this website. The Financial Literacy premiere webinar (for Junior grades) will be made available after the final repeat is done on Tuesday.

In the meantime, a new round has started up - so sign up today for more webinars based on the lessons created for this project.

All Lesson and Assessment Plans now Posted!

(added April 1, 2021)

All of the Lesson and Assessment Plans in the four areas of focus have now been posted, for grades one to eight. Each grade has thirteen lessons (a couple actually have a bonus lesson, or a two-parter masquerading as a singleton). A huge thanks to the writers and reviewers who took on this Herculean task.

More Subject Webinars now open for registration!

(added March 20, 2021)

Registration is now open for the Webinars based on the Lesson and Assessment plans for the subjects of Financial Literacy, Mathematical Modelling and Register on the Webinars page and check out the list in chronological order on the Calendar page

Coding Webinars available

(added March 9, 2021)

The Coding Webinars for the Primary Grades and for the Junior Grades are now available. The recordings are of the core portion of the Webinars, but does NOT include the Q&A portion. A fuller version of each webinar, complete with a compilation of the Q&A portions from all 4 nights, and captioning, will be posted as soon as it is available.

Coding Webinars now open for registration!

(added February 5, 2021)

Registration is now open for the Webinars based on the Lesson and Assessment plans focussed on Coding. The series will start with a Webinar whose focus is Coding in the Primary Grades, premiering on Thursday February 11th. After the Primary webinars are done, they will be followed by a webinar on Coding in the Junior Grades, and finally Coding in the Intermediate Grades. Register on the Webinars page.

More Lessons posted

(added December 16, 2020)

All four subject areas of focus for the project, now have lessons posted for each grade, from grade 1 to grade 8. The Coding lessons are complete, as previously reported, and a number of Financial Literacy lessons have also been completed. New to some grades is now at least one Numbers lesson, with a focus on Fractions, and also at least one Mathematical Modelling lesson.

Coding Lessons now posted

(added November 20, 2020)

Over the last week we posted the first set of lessons and assessment plans. The Coding lessons for Grades 1 to 8 are now available, in English and French. There are also a few Financial Literacy lessons that tie in with a Coding lesson included. More lessons will continue to be uploaded over time.

First set of Lessons now available!

(added November 8, 2020)

Grade 3 Coding

Eight lessons are now available, four in English, four in French, for Grade 3 teachers. The focus of these lessons is Coding. One of these is a follow-up to a Financial Literacy lesson which will be released soon. Stay tuned for more lessons to be released in the coming weeks. To access these lessons, click on the grade 3 button or the Coding icon.

Curriculum Context webinar recordings available

(added November 1, 2020)

The five webinars based on the Curriculum Context have now been completed, and the recordings for all five, including resource documents are available from the Webinars page.

Newsletter # 2 emailed

(added October 26, 2020)

If you have signed up for the Newsletter to keep you informed about updates on this website, you should have received Newsletter # 2 in your inbox this weekend. If you didn't see it, please check in your Junk or Spam folder (and mark it as "okay").

If you received the email in the wrong language, email the webmaster and he will change your subscription (and send you the one you missed in your preferred language).

Resource documents and Captions added

(added October 20, 2020)

All five Curriculum Context webinars now have a Google Doc available containing links to resources mentioned in the webinars, and more!

The Google Slide presentations for the first three Curriculum Context webinars are now available. Also, the webinars for those three (in English) now contain closed captioning. The captions have just been added for Webinars # 2 and # 3 today.

Note: These captions are turned off by default, but can be turned on if needed by clicking on the 3 dots setting button.

Webinars 2 and 3 - recordings now available

(added October 14, 2020)

The next two webinars in the Curriculum Context series are now available to view on demand. Go to the Webinars page, and jump to the Recordings section at the bottom of the page. For each of these two webinars, there is also available a Resources document filled with links to references and websites referred to during the presentations.

Webinar 1 - Vision, Goals, and Strands - recording now available

(added October 7, 2020)

The first webinar in the Curriculum Context series is now available to view on demand. Go to the Webinars page, and jump to the Recordings section at the bottom of the page. The slides used in the webinar are also available.

Sign up for newsletter

(added October 6, 2020)

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Dates revised for Webinars # 4 and # 5

(added September 21, 2020)

The dates for webinars # 4 and # 5 had to be changed, and they are now updated on the Webinars page. Registration is now open for all webinars in the series on Curriculum Context, including these last two.

Dates for Curriculum Context Webinars

(added September 17, 2020)

Descriptions for the first set of Curriculum Context Webinars can be found on the Webinars page. Pick a date and time and register now!
Curriculum Context Webinars:

  • Vision, Goals, and Strands
  • Program Planning
  • Mathematical Modelling
  • Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Skills in Mathematics and the Mathematical Processes
  • Assessment and Evaluation

As more webinars and resources become available, this information will be added to the site. All webinars will be found in both the Webinars page and the dates will be placed into the calendar. The release dates of the Lesson and Assessment Plans for Coding, Financial Literacy, Number, and Mathematical Modelling will be added to the calendar, as will the dates of the accompanying webinars. The lesson and assessment plans themselves will be added to the Resources page.