About Us

This is the website for the OAME/AFEMO Elementary Math Curriculum Resource Project.

The project will produce resources to support the implementation of the Revised Elementary Curriculum by a partnership between the Ontario Assocation for Mathematics Education (OAME) and L’Association Francophone pour l’Enseignement des Mathématiques en Ontario (AFEMO). The resources will include classroom-ready materials to support instruction and assessment around Number (with an emphasis on fractions), Financial Literacy, Mathematical Modelling, and Coding.

In addition to the classroom-ready materials, webinars to support the roll out of the resources, explore the content in the front matter of the curriculum, and examine the transition to secondary school will be hosted through the school year. All resources will be available in French and English and will eventually be housed on this website.

Project Manager and Coordinators
Lynda Ferneyhough (Project Manager), Paul Alves* (OAME), Jackie Leardi (AFEMO), Judy Mendaglio (OAME), Julie Mondoux (AFEMO), Sandra Jean Price (OAME)
Content Strand Leads
Iain Brodie (Coding), Kit Luce (Number), Mark Chubb (Mathematical Modelling), Anne Prevost (Financial Literacy)
Online/Hybrid Leads
Amanda Deneau (Coding), Ross Isenegger (Number), Dominic Tremblay (Mathematical Modelling), Lisa Rossiter-Thornton (Financial Literacy)
Webmaster / Webinar Hosts
Greg Clarke (Webmaster), Chris Atkinson, Fred Ferneyhough, Bruce McKay, William Mugenzi, Dominic Tremblay
Nicholas Chauvin, Francesca Mendaglio
Writing Teams
Ed Schroeter, Tammy Fortin, Marcia Bumbury, Mélissa Pinsonneault, Michelle Poirier-Patry, Jacinthe Chapdelaine, Shubha Hariharan, Lisa Corbett, Kathleen Corrigan, Julie LeBrun, Nancy Lacroix, Christine Marshall, Anne Miron-Rivest , Chantal Cappiello, Maya Goldwasser, Tracey Tinley, Julia Atkins, Julie Morden, Stéphanie Charron, Catherine Inglis, Chris Stewart, Jordyn Mills, Pierre Tranchemontagne*, Elizabeth Pearsall, Vicky Fauteux, Michelle Pinsonneault , Jordan Rappaport, Dawn Chaudhary, Renelle Boulerice, Joël Lavigne, Lori Yee, Sarah Conway
* No longer active member of project